Spokane Valley Mall (Next to the Red Robin)

14742 East Indiana Avenue
Spokane Valley WA 99216-1839

Tel: 509-928-9799(509-928-7777)

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Title: Worst yet5/30/2015 9:38:05 AM
large selection of mediocre food. Cheese seafood dish made my wife ill and nearly ruined our evening at the Eagles concert. We will never eat there again nor will I recommend it to anyone else.
Title: Copyright Infringment5/13/2015 8:27:48 AM
Hello, I received an advertisement from your establishment recently, and noticed that your company is using Mikey Mouse on your site and printed advertisement. Did you really get permission from Disney to use that? I am going to report your company for this possible violation, I would appreciate you proving to me that you are within your legal rights to use Mikey Mouse, however.
Title: 2018/9/9 16:27:45
Good place IF you like chicken-chow-meow!
Title: 2018/9/7 21:05:58
Nice food and I like the sushi
Title: 2018/9/7 18:27:03
Very good food and a wide variety also
Title: 2018/9/6 18:42:02
It was very good.
Title: 2018/9/6 17:14:55
First time here. It was very good.
Title: 2018/5/27 22:36:04
Me and my wife love this place! Good food and good people. Great selection.
Title: 2018/5/19 13:30:05
Food os not being kept hot. Would not recommend.
Title: 2018/5/19 13:29:18
The food is not kept hot in the serving trays.
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